hey! this gurl is melissa, her gurlfriends call her melly, she luvs to hang out with her friends, sitting at the same table and watchin ppl acting like fools!! on her spare time, she luvs to read the harry potter books, sleep, watchin VH1, call her friends or go online. well she has to bust outta here so bye!


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Jan 23, 2004
wat happened wen i fell asleep

 awww MEOW!!!

comp key...cardella wasnt there...thank GOD!!!

come and join the blog __~SHCP~*diversed*+linchtable+__

gelene, jared, and I wrote a limerick...well not dun yet!!..thank god gelene is in our group cuz wit only me and jared's minds, it wont work...i'll tell u dat!!!

we had a scripture test todae...tommys fone was on, we had to check the book 2 c if it was ok or not iono i wasnt listening!!

sitting on the floor to eat dinner...do chinese ppl do dat? talk to krystle and kitty, they were fightin!!

sweater competition!!! c/o 2007 style!!

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